The making of ‘ME’

My story isn’t sweet or cute I would say, though I wish it were.

Well most of my childhood I was trying to live by the policy- One day at a time. Every day was a struggle, every moment spent in forgetting and turning a blind eye to everything that happened around me, to me. Now I wonder how did I have the courage to live on given the adversity of the situations..

I was shaped into what I am today because of my experiences. People say that I am too serious for an 18 yr old… Too cautious, too mature, too responsible, too fearless..I don`t mind being all of that.
Some of my friends ask ,”why do you have to succeed every time? why not take it easy?” I do this because I need to do it. To prove myself. For my mom who took care of me going against all the odds. I need to do this just because there are people who said I wouldn’t make it. I need to do this because this is my story and I don`t want to be portrayed as a VICTIM..

My identity is that I am a survivor. I am somewhere proud of my origin, I am proud that I survived everything and dint quit like a coward. I take pride in my ability to emerge as a winner out of those situations.

So what if I got scarred? These are my battle scars that i wear with pride.
Writing and painting for me are means of expressing myself. An introvert by nature I am often misunderstood for my quietness. I suck at communication and have trouble opening myself to people. Expressing myself is one of the hardest things to do , even if it were only expressing myself in front of my loved ones. Writing makes me feel lighter and it relieves me.I write because I love writing and am addicted to it.

And this is my not so interesting origin story 😉 ;)..
Origin Story


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  1. It is an interesting origin story. I can totally relate to it. Hugs

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    1. thank you 🙂 😀


  2. Liesbet says:

    Are you writing a diary as well? I have written my whole life and find is easier to express myself in words than verbally. Getting older does not change that, on the contrary. Keep on writing!

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    1. I do write a diary.. Keeping a diary is like having a confidant to whom you can say anything without the fear of being judged 🙂 it has made my life easier


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