Are you listening , little one?

Little kitty.

That was a hot sweltering summer day, I was walking back home with my friend when I saw you all huddled up in the dirt mewling.Desperately trying to stand up but despite all  your efforts you landed on all of your four.

So small you were. And immensely cute.

My friend picked you up and handed you over to me. I remember handling you so tentatively. You see you were so small and soft that I was afraid that I would hurt you.

So restless you were in my palms that I was afraid that I would drop you. So I cradled you against my bosom, close to my heart.Your small face rested on my chest and with your tiny little front paws you clung onto my shirt while I supported your little body`s weight against My chest.

You mewled all the way long as if begging for your mother. I understand kitty, I understood your longing to be  with your mamma. I too miss my mommy but sadly I can’t openly cry for her.
I swear kitty we waited there so long in hopes that Mommy cat will come looking for you but she dint. I didn’t want to leave you there. At that moment I felt you were more safe cradled next to my heart rather than that deserted roadside.
You were so beautiful, I tell you. A little darling you were.  Your small white body spluttered with a few black spots. Your little face was so angelic, a little triangular nose and your small little eyes which hadn’t even opened yet. You were so hungry that all the way to my home you were constantly nuzzling against my chest in hopes to find milk.

Do you remember me holding you kitty?
Do you remember me feeding you?
do you remember yourself clawing up my shirt?
Do you remember me kissing your small little face?

Why did you die, little one? I took you so that you could live. I wanted to help you. Did I do something wrong?  I lulled you into sleep in hopes of spending another day with you — watch you grow, watch you run along the house with me.

You never woke up from your sleep , you never woke up.

Tell me little one, Did I do something wrong?


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  1. boringbug says:

    Ah, this post reminded me of a ‘new born squirrel” which I had rescued from some crows. Nicely written, looking forward to more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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