My crush

I heard a chair being dragged,
Turned to see you sitting next to me
Smiling playfully at me.
My heart thumped a little faster.
Sucking a breath in,
“Don`t give a hint”, I schooled myself as usual.
“Hi” , I finally whisper, smiling bright,
But not too brightly.
You always speak in that ever so charming manner way of yours.
While I have a hard time focusing on the conversation,
Cause my traitorous eyes loves to look at your lips.
My heart flutters the way when you sometimes simply stare at me,
And then smile mischievously and say nothing at all.

U stand tall at `5 ft 9,
While my head only reaches
A little above your shoulders.
“You are so little,” you will say,
Teasing me as always.
“Hey nerd”, you will message everyday,
While I sigh and message back, “Say ; stupid”.

You don’t treat me the same like my friends,
That unfortunately gives me an illusion that somehow I maybe a special person.
You make my heart skip a beat when you do little things for me,
But the next moment you go back to being an ass that you are, again.
Oh how I wish I knew what you think about me.

I do like you.
Maybe a lot more than friend.
Well, certainly more than a friend.
I do dream about your arms,
Wrapped around me.
But sometimes,
Sometimes you seem so dangerous,
Like Something evil lurking
Behind the shadow of cuteness..

The fact that I still cant figure you out is unsettling.
I want to know what is going on inside that head of yours.
Sometimes the things you say makes me shudder with fear.
I don’t like how sometimes you love hurting people,
People you love and people you hate.

I have seen you being kind,
Seen your vengeful side.
A narcissistic ass most of the time
And a caring friend sometimes.
It’s hard to know the real you
Amidst all the masks you sport.

I just hope you remain my crush and nothing else,
Cause falling head over heels will be disastrous,
If not catastrophic, at the least.
Not for you, obviously.  But for me?
Definitely, most certainly and of course.



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  1. sailajaP14 says:

    Adorable! 😀

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    1. thank you so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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