Burn one word prompt SPLASH!!! And as the liquid kissed her radiant skin, it melted her delicate flesh everywhere it seeped. The acid dint only burn her beauty but scorned her desires, her dreams and her zeal to live on, alive. Advertisements


Standing tall, Though she was only 5 ft 2. She looked tough, strong And independent too.. No smile played on her lips, And she walked as if She could bring the world down at her feet. Emotionless she seemed, Seemed and believed To all , by all. Why doesn’t she feel pain? Wondered one, While others catcalled,…

trying to set a trend

Hi!! this is my first ever blog and seriously I had this crazy idea that I should stat a blog and I just went with this hunch .. You might have been wondering why did I want to start a writing a blog or what was the inspiration behind my starting this page.. Well I…

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